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The best Cyber Monday fashion deals to shop now: Nordstrom, Madewell and more

The best Cyber Monday fashion deals to shop now: Nordstrom, Madewell and more



From designer clothes to fashion accessories and practical gifts like outerwear and socks, Cyber ​​Monday deals have fashion finds for everyone on your list (including you).

Whether you want to do all your holiday shopping in one store (big retailers like Macy’s and Nordstrom have big discounts on your favorite brands), or you’re looking for something special from a smaller brand, we’ve found the best cyber fashion. . Monday to buy now. With the best-selling styles, editor-approved labels, and some of the lowest prices we’ve seen this year, check out the best holiday fashion sales (and our favorite pieces) below.

Save on clothing and gifts for men, women, kids and babies during Macy’s Cyber Monday specials. Along with big discounts (we are talking about discounts of 60% or more) on clothes for the whole family, there are also equally great deals on shoes, bags and accessories, as well as jewelry. Check out some of our favorites below, or learn more about our favorite Macy’s fashion and home offerings here.Nordstrom is one of our favorite destinations for holiday gifts, and the store has made it even sweeter with their holiday deals. Offering discounts of up to 60% through November 29, there are thousands of clothing and accessories for women, men and kids, including Generation Z. To narrow your search, find our top Nordstrom Holiday Deals here and below.Amazon has great deals on everything you need for holiday gifts and more. Whether you’re a seasoned shopper with lots of listings, or a newbie who’s just diving into that vacation with great deals, while you’re a Prime member, you’ll find discounts on just about everything today. Think clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and more. Find our favorite fashion deals below, and don’t miss out on our full list of the best Amazon deals.

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Top 10 Cutest Hairstyles for Black Girls in 2022/23




Top 10 Cutest Hairstyles for Black Girls in 2022/23

Black girls have thick curly hair which makes the mission of finding suitable hairstyles not so easy to handle. The first ideas that come to your mind when you think of how to deal with and control it are braiding it or have a short haircut. So if you are looking for cute hairstyles for black girls, You have come to the right place. We provide a collection of trendy hairstyles for black girls that are very popular these days. This set has a variety of cool hairdos for different types of hair. African American girls often have curly hair because of heredity. You can try different crepe hairstyles that go with your personality. Every girl is interested in an excellent appearance, and beautiful hair looks, so they look for the latest hairstyle trends that suit the texture of their locks.

Not only that, but girls are always looking for daily hairstyles that are easy as well as elegant, so they don’t have to go to the beauty salon to make a hairstyle whenever they are going out. We all know that taking care of curly hair is difficult for some, but you can use popular U part wigs for black girls and follow these tips to make the process easier. Through the topic, we will offer some ways to help you deal with curly hair. Now, here are ten of the cutest and easiest hairstyles for black girls.


1Simple braids with upper short ponytail

It is a quite a simple and cute hairstyle for little girls, and you do not have to make complicated hairstyles for your girls to look beautiful. There is no need for long and complicated braids. Just make some braids and collect them in a short upper ponytail. Your girl will look lovely. With simple effort, you can apply it in just minutes.

2Long hair braids

Long braids are a classic and traditional hairstyling for African American women. Applying it to your little girl will look awesome; long hair gives much beauty. All you need is to make some braids.

3Classic two long braids

There is no need to feel complicated. Classic braids are simple hairstyling and traditional. You can apply it by dividing the hair into two sections then make the two sides braids, left and right. The braids collect the hair simply and give a beautiful look.

4Upper bun twist

It is related to the African heritage, and you can apply it by making kinky flat twits and collect them at the top of the head.

5Upper bun wild curly hairstyle

If you want a wild curly look for your girl, first, apply a serum or hair lotion to give the hair a shiny look and moisturize it. Divide the hair into two sections and make two braids. Then collect the curly hair and tight it on the upper parts of the head and let it move freely. It will save time and make your girl pretty.

6Ballerina Bun and braids 

It is easy but distinguished. Start by dividing the hair into 6 or 8 squares, then make each square as one braid. Collect the braids with each other in one top bun. The hairstyle is easy and will save time and give the girls a beautiful look. The look could last for days in an organized way. The only thing that needs maintenance is the upper bun.

7One side ponytail

It’s a simple hairstyle. You can apply it by making a lot of braids and leave it for a day. Then resolve it and collect the hair at one side right or left as you like. The girl will look simple and beautiful.

8Ponytail braids

You can obtain this simple look by dividing the hair into ten sections and make one braid in each section. Then collect them all in one ponytail with colored hair accessories. The look is beautiful and colorful.

9The upper horsetail hairstyle

It is a simple hairstyle and can be applied easily. It does not take much time; just divide the hair into two sections from the middle. It will fit the round faces and give cute and a distinctive look.

10Nature wild look

You can apply it by letting the whole hair roaming free. Put a headband and let the toddler’s hair free.

At the end, every girl has beauty. And by applying simple ways, we can make distinctive hairstyles and new looks. We hope these ten cute, simple hairstyles are helpful. They are easy to make. Now, here are some tips to take care of the hair. First, replace the shampoo with the conditioner in hair wash. Also, hair styling the hair while wet is better as it reduces the break and therefore falls. And it is best to wash this type of hair with cold water because warm water increases dryness. Stay away as far as possible from the products in the market that promote the hair smoothness and replace them with natural ways.

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Pooh shiesty mask for the face




Pooh shiesty mask for the face

As we know mask wearing is becoming a trend in many countries. Many people are used to wearing a mask in terms of security or protection. But many people are worried due to the lack of a good quality face mask. We are here to provide you with a good-quality face mask. We are offering you the latest Pooh shiesty mask for a face. This mask is made up of pure cotton as well polyester. This shiesty mask will protect your face from insects, bacteria germs, and your skin from harmful bacteria. 

This mask is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. In this world of fashion, everyone wants to look stylish and modern. By wearing this unique mask you will be stylish and modern. This mask will enhance your confidence. This mask is famed as shiestys in the town of Memphis. Why do we call these masks to pooh shiesty masks? There was an American rapper named Pooh shiesty. He was from the town of Memphis, Tennessee. He used to wear a mask in his concerts. The Shiesty trend first began in Memphis. So without wasting time you must shop for this trendy shiesty mask.

Trending pooh shiesty mask

The trend is very well-liked in this time of the twentieth century. So, we should wear trendy clothes to look modern and stylish. By wearing trendy clothes you will feel confident. Wearing masks has also become a trend these days. So everyone likes to wear a mask. The trend has come to put a mask on your face. Pick up your favorite shiesty mask and level your look while staying anonymous. Rock the latest trends with this stylish mask. Wearing a Pooh shiesty ski mask has also become a trend in many countries. Many skiers and snowboarders like to wear this trendy mask. In this way, if you want to buy a pooh shiesty mask visit our website Pooh Shiesty Merch.

5 Top pooh shiesty masks for sale

Masks are not a fashion accessory, but they do take up a fair amount of real estate on your face, so it’s not shocking. People are looking for beautifully pleasing ones. With that in focus, below is a selection of the most stylish masks to buy now. We are offering you these trendy masks at reasonable prices. Our pooh shiesty snake ski mask is a full-featured mask made up of fine-quality material. We are offering you many other masks like,

  • Balaclava pooh ski mask

 We offer you a huge variety of masks for men, women, and kids as well. This latest balaclava pooh ski mask is also available at our merch.

We are offering you this ski mask at a very reasonable price.

  • Cover neck gaiter full face mask

In winter every one wants to stay warm and covered but many of us did not find any source to cover them. We are providing you with the latest cover neck gaiter full face mask cover-neck-gaiter-full-face mask. This mask covers your neck from the cold. 

  • Camo ski mask, balaclava

Balaclava wearing is trendy in many countries. Most people like to wear balaclava ski masks on their faces to shelter them from the cold.  camo ski mask and balaclava is the best option in winter outfits. 

Which material is used in it?

How well your ski mask will act will be determined by the fabric used. Fabrics that can be used for this mask include cotton, neoprene, nylon, wool, acrylic, and pure polyester. This mask is perfect for enjoying life with all its little features. Any pooh shiesty follower will love to wear this accessory. You can purchase this latest pooh shiesty wearing mask every season. This mask has features,

  • Besides making you silly, pooh shiesty masks are also very functional.
  • Keeping your face warm is another benefit.
  • You must wear this mask whenever you are going to a snowy area.
  • You will like the coolest guy on the slopes when you wear a shiesty mask.


This mask is a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. The shiesty mask is best for snow sleet, wind dust, and cold, and UV would not be able to intrude with our ski mask. This balaclava mask will keep you warm. Motorcyclists will feel comfortable after wearing this pooh shiesty type of mask as it is protective. Moisture is wicked away when you wear it. To take all these benefits you must purchase this mask from our latest shop. We are providing you with the latest designs of this mask at an affordable cost. 

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Pakistan fashion designer Maheen Khan disassociates herself from Lux Style Awards: Here’s why



Pakistan fashion designer Maheen Khan disassociates herself from Lux Style Awards: Here’s why

Pakistani clothier Mahin Khan recently proclaimed that she is returning her lx vogue Awards following Feroze Khan’s nomination and ulterior win at the event.

On Sunday, the veteran designer took to Instagram and criticized the LSA for supporting the “alleged abuser”.

In the caption to the photograph, she wrote a poignant note that read: “In a world wherever one in 3 ladies worldwide is physically or sexually abused, wherever rape and violence go ignored, it’s imperative that those with a voice use his. .

“Physical abuse of {girls|of ladies} and girls could be a violation of human rights. these days she is someone’s female offspring, tomorrow she will be yours. whereas several folks have raised our voices against the deaths of Zainab, Noor et al, the contempt and insensitiveness of the recent awards ceremony could be a parody,” the 77-year-old wrote.

The top-notch designer explicit , “In my conscience, I will not associate myself with an occasion that ignores their plight. i will be able to be returning my lx vogue awards in commonality with those that still suffer violations of their basic right to a life while not violence.”

“This could be a unhappy day as a result of I had high hopes that the lx vogue Award program wouldn’t solely be a mode champion, however additionally a platform that will advance justice for girls and be a proud beacon of hope for each kid and lady. WHO ever lived. was raped,” he said.

Following her post, fans and supporters were pleased with her call, with one expression, “Being on the proper facet of things. Well done. What a trailblazer.”

“With nice respect for you, Makhin,” accessorial another.

It is fitting to notice that Feroze Khan’s nomination so his Best Actor (Viewers’ Choice) win for Huda Aur Mohabbat three caused a stir on social media, maddening several.

Sharmeen Obeid Chinay was the primary to make a decision to come her award once associate degree actor nomination.

However, the LSA responded via Instagram that they might not reverse their call.

“LSA believes in respecting the liberty and variety of audience opinions, [they] don’t regulate or prohibit participation (except within the case of content with obscene language) on our social media platforms,” they same.Last month, actor Haani was reportedly suspect of physical abuse by his ex-wife Aliza grand Turk, however denied the “baseless” accusations.

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